[UPDATE][rumor] bmw’s teutonic terror

March 11, 2008


spanish moto rag, motociclismo, commissioned the above rendering of bmw’s upcoming entry into the superbike class based on insider information. a prototype of this bike was reportedly lapping the circuit de cartagena in r6 bodywork.

one thing is for sure: if bmw’s superbike is running around in r6 clothing it is extremely petite. also expect the final styling to be reminiscent of the hp2 sport (see below).   


however, power is rumored to come from a rather orthodox 1000cc inline-4 rated at around 200hp. in fact, the other key components seem to be very un-bmw-like too – chain drivetrain, inverted fork, dual-beam aluminum chassis. if u can’t beat ’em join ’em.

we should probably see the release at the paris motorcycle show in late sept along with the aprilia rsv 4

bmw will make their world superbike debut in 2009. alles gute!


[UPDATE] here’s a photo of the proto in the flesh:



[rumor] ktm rc4

March 8, 2008


ktm’s rc4 is actually more than a rumor. the austrian manufacturer let loose a prototype skinned in cagiva mito bodywork to lap an unspecified track along with the latest supersport bikes. they also let loose a rendering of the upcoming bike. the rc4 shares the same angular style as its big brother, the rc8, but power comes from a 654cc single from the venerable 690 duke. with a high power-to-weight ratio, the proto was lapping a couple seconds behind the 600’s. expect it to drop at the 2008 paris motorcycle show at the end of sept (the rc8 was revealed at the same show last year).