April 16, 2008

after a lengthy beta, finally let loose its new version of the website today. thank you, carmelo!

the previous iteration of was a monstrosity. it was built entirely on flash, a big no-no. it had gobs of information but was a pain to use.

dorna’s web designers dramatically improved the site in several ways, especially in compatibility, functionality, and speed. in order to do this, they ditched the drab flash interface and went with a fresh web 2.0 look based on css. 

the new layout looks great! it’s a very minimalistic design which makes it easy to navigate and find information quickly. in particular, the top header centralizes the different areas of the site. news stories are also now tagged so searching is effortless. i’m relieved to see that you can now copy and paste text from the site making plagiarizing much easier ;D

i’m also stoked that i can finally access the site using my iphone. it looks exactly as it does on my desktop computer. the previous version was inaccessible due to its flash underpinnings.

however, there are a several issues that still have with the site. video is still requires windows media player or realplayer. these are both antiquated solutions to video. instead, they should use quicktime h.264, which is much higher quality, to stream content. in addition, subscriptions are also ridiculously priced costing at least $95 to watch the races and interviews. no thanks… has come a long way but there’s still room for improvement. it’s THE site to go to for stats and news but i’ll pass when it comes to video.


300th vistor!!!

March 28, 2008


thanks to everyone that have stopped by my blog.

there hasn’t been much going on in the way of racing as both wsbk and motogp have been on breaks. but motogp resumes this weekend at jerez and wsbk the following weekend in valencia (the spanish are lucky).

posts in the oven:

  • jerez report
  • daytona report
  • results of the 848 v 750 v 675 v 600 shootout

motoczysz c1 documentary to air march 25th

March 12, 2008


the motoczysz c1 is by no means breaking news. however, the discovery channel finally released the date that the documentary on this revolutionary motorcycle is going to air. it will premiere on the discovery hd channel monday march 25th at 8pm est/pst (kind of ironic that the us is the last country to air it). viewers set ur tivo’s!!!

for a basic overview of the bike, click here


first ride of the year

March 3, 2008


w00t!!! the weather here in cleveland took the day off just as i did.

it was uncharacteristically warm and dry (sunny and 60 deg f) today so i thought it’d be a good time dust off the cobwebs and rouse the bike from its winter hibernation. i’ve had the bike on a battery tender and it fired right up. let it warm up a few min while donning my gear and made off down the street to the gas station for petrol and air for the tires. since the 675 doesn’t have a plate yet, i thought it’d be wise to make the ride brief and returned back home. the roads are slippery with salt but it felt good to be back on the bike although my riding skills are a little rusty.

i guess this was just a little tease as spring is still a month or two away but i’ll takewhat i can get. tomorrow it’s back to normal with snow in the forecast. tick-tock…

movin’ on up!!!

March 3, 2008
after a few months at blogger, i’ve decided to move the site to wordpress.
wordpress is easier to use and i liked this theme. i’m currently migrating the posts over so there may be some broken links and formatting irregularities.
sorry for the inconvenience. and please update ur bookmarks and feed.


February 8, 2008

i’ve been busy and out of town so i haven’t got a chance to update the blog. there were a couple motogp tests and some other interesting news. watch for some posts over the weekend…


December 8, 2007

what a pain in the ass!!!

it’s almost impossible to find a good, available name for a blog. i spent way too much time thinking and searching to find this one. in fact, i had to hyph-enate it because some twat decided he’d like to post pics from his/her shite motorola cameraphone. so if u’re looking for anything concerning motorola u can get the FUCK OUT!!! all u’ll find here are my random thoughts on all things motorcycle related. 

now let’s get on w/ it...