achtung! bmw signs xaus for ’09 wsbk season

June 27, 2008

in april, bmw motorrad unveiled their wsbk entry to the public and one of the big questions that went unanswered was who was going to be piloting its teutonic terror. several riders were linked to the german marque but all has been quiet on the homefront… until this week. bmw motorrad announced that ruben xaus will be leading its first foray into world superbike championship next season. the second seat is unknown at the moment, however, troy corser is rumored to be on the short list.

currently, xaus is a mediocre 7th in the championship halfway through the season. he’s been inconsistent and prone to kiss the tarmac which makes bmw’s choice a little baffling. i pity the logistics coordinator.

apparently xaus has been very interested in the project since its inception:

When I met the BMW guys, I was very impressed by their commitment, their passion for racing and their ideas about the future. We discussed how the WSBK project was going and I realised that I wanted to be a part of it straightaway. It is not often that you get the chance to start a completely new project, but I am really looking forward to the challenge.”

the switch to bmw ends xaus’ 7 yr relationship with ducati in which he was rumored to be a top candidate for troy bayliss’ seat in the factory team as he was the 2nd ducati in the championship.

bmw along with xaus are looking to surprise the wsbk paddock with top 10 finishes in its first year of competition. with the deep pockets and deep talent i won’t be betting against them.

bmw unveil superbike

April 17, 2008

well, bmw motorrad’s superbike is no longer a rumor. today, they took the wraps off their 2009 world superbike entry, the s1000rr.

details of the bike are sparse. here’s what we know:

  • engine is an 1000cc inline-4 allegedly with some special features, esp in the cylinder head (pneumatic valves?)
  • suspension is handled by a conventional inverted fork (for compact packaging – uhhh, britten and motoczysz?); no mention of rear suspension layout
  • expect a trick traction control system

sounds very japanese. as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…

the styling of the bike is reminiscent of aprilia rsv 1000r with the gaping central intake up front. it looks good but nothing special. i’m kind of disappointed that the rear subframe isn’t supportless, which as everyone knows adds 5hp :D

the “s” designation, which stands for supersports, marks a new category in bmw motorrad’s model line (will we see a 600 next? i hope so!). the s1000rr will be competing in the 2009 season of wsbk with help from alpha-technik developing the bike. bmw motorrad’s goals are very ambitious; they’ll be looking for top 10 finishes in the first year and challenge for podiums the next.

with the capital and engineering backing of one of the largest automakers in the world, the wsbk paddock will have to take the s1000rr very serious. along with the german marque’s entry, aprilia will also be competing with their rsv4. the more the merrier!!!

[UPDATE][rumor] bmw’s teutonic terror

March 11, 2008


spanish moto rag, motociclismo, commissioned the above rendering of bmw’s upcoming entry into the superbike class based on insider information. a prototype of this bike was reportedly lapping the circuit de cartagena in r6 bodywork.

one thing is for sure: if bmw’s superbike is running around in r6 clothing it is extremely petite. also expect the final styling to be reminiscent of the hp2 sport (see below).   


however, power is rumored to come from a rather orthodox 1000cc inline-4 rated at around 200hp. in fact, the other key components seem to be very un-bmw-like too – chain drivetrain, inverted fork, dual-beam aluminum chassis. if u can’t beat ’em join ’em.

we should probably see the release at the paris motorcycle show in late sept along with the aprilia rsv 4

bmw will make their world superbike debut in 2009. alles gute!


[UPDATE] here’s a photo of the proto in the flesh: