battle at beaverun

i’ve been meaning to post up about my most recent trackday that i did a month ago with nesba at beaverun. so here it is…

despite some electrical gremlins, the day turned out to be one to remember.

we camped overnight so there was no rush waking up early, traveling to the track, and getting set up. just rolled out of the tent, made breakfast, and chilled out until the rider’s meeting. the first couple sessions were rough. i needed to shake the cobwebs out and get my sense of speed back. i was riding ragged missing braking marks and apexes… it was especially fun to ride with johnny, who got bumped up to intermediate a few weeks prior.

then unexpectedly my bike wouldn’t start. it would crank over but wouldn’t fire. i missed the 3rd session and tore the bike down to try to find the culprit. long story short, we got it bump started and it ran perfect the rest of the day albeit it wouldn’t fire using the starter.

the day was fairly drama free. i had a couple off road excursions but kept it upright.

the last session was by far the funnest riding i’ve ever done!!! i had the pleasure of mixing it up with a gsxr-750 (rich). we were going back and forth trying to figure out each others strengths and weaknesses riding different lines trying to maximize advantages. we were pushing each other but in a good way. riding was tight but i never felt out of control or over my head throughout the session. in one instance, we into turn 1 side-by-side and felt comfortable with him next to me. i got the better of him but he made it up coming out of turn 8. all in all, fantastic riding. the kicker: we did a 1:05.77 lap!!! that’s bumping into advanced times. i dropped my personal best by 2 secs. extremely happy with that!!!

lap timing acquired by harry’s lap timer (available from top speeds indicated in red. green and yellow graph indicate g’s.


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