after a month on hiatus, things haven’t changed much on the personal front. let’s just say i have more free time on my hands. so i thought i’d try to keep myself busy and restart posting.

i went for a ride this afternoon after enjoying some french toast and oj for brunch when a testy storm system barged through the cleveland area. i was heading down I-71 to medina to meet up with phil to christen my new babolat but it was all for not. as i approached middleburg hts, the ominous dark clouds unleashed a deluge. unfazed i road through until i passed strongsville. there things went from bad to worse with fat raindrops turning into ball bearing-sized hail. let me tell you, it stings. i pulled to the berm to recover and wait for a break. the hail dissipated and i returned to the highway looking for refuge under an overpass. the weather gods mustn’t like me because it started hailing even larger ice chunks. luckily, i made it to the overpass in brunswick. i waited there for 10 mins soaking wet and mildly irritated.

after the weather let up, i rode to the next exit turned around and made my way back home shaking my head the whole way. funny thing was it was perfectly dry with blue skies in lakewood.

i guess this puts things into perspective. enjoy the nice weather because sometimes it’s not going to be nice.


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