mudfest – ama sx roundup


i don’t frequently watch moto/supercross (what’s the diff, anyway?) but i couldn’t stop watching. kinda like bad porn :P the last round of the supercross season was held in horrendous conditions fri night on the infield of daytona int’l speedway. torrential rains turned the usual fast-paced big-air race into a slow trudge through mud that would suck ur boot off. the gaps between the bumps and jumps filled with water and became mini lakes. the shortened races was unpredicable with bikes and riders being swallowed by gaping mudpits (think sarlacc in return of the jedi). these guys must’ve felt like kids again playing in the mudhole except this time they were getting paid. the main event was a war of attrition with kevin windham taking the win over favorite chad reed. this looked like fun ^_^


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