triumph-sc unveil livery

it’s not that big of a deal for most of u but it is for me so deal with it.
the factory boys finally unveiled their paint scheme in qatar during fri practice. gone is the monotone silver of preseason testing. triumph-sc are sporting a classy blue-silver-black paint job. triumph stickers must’ve been on sale because there are about a bajillion of them all over the bike. “lookin’ good, billy ray!”
furthermore, franco farne went with tried and trued temignoni for the exhaust. amazing the influence this guy has. the whole community couldn’t get akra to develop a can… franco gets what franco wants. but i want one too!
in related news, garry mccoy lead the triumph charge in qualifying setting the 7th fastest time of the day. he was closely followed by fellow triumph and be-1 racing rider ivan clementi who was a tenth behind. atcho brought up the rear in 11th ahead of some reasonable talent. amazing that all triumph bikes qualified ahead of suzuki and kawasaki. booyah suckas!!! the race will be held sat instead of the normal sunday (crazy muslims) and hopefully we’ll see a little of this from mr mccoy:

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