aprilia reveal next gen superbike

aprilia has been on hard times lately but the italian bike maker is slowly making a comeback. scooter giant piaggio acquired the struggling company several years ago and the investment appears to be paying off…
big time.
aprilia is revamping its product line. they just released the much anticipated shiver 750 streetfighter and today they unveiled the successor to the flagship rsv 1000 – the rsv 4.
the rsv 4 is bad ass. 
bold statement, i know. but it’s a bold looking bike. like a cross between a stealth fighter and motocycle.
developed in aprilia’s skunk works, the 1000cc v-4 engine is a technological powerhouse. u know what other bike has this same type of engine? the ultra-exotic ducati desmosedici rr motogp repli-racer (oh and the honda vfr1000, but that’s besides the point). aprilia claim it’ll be making at least 200hp and employ ride-by-wire, aka traction control. hope the engine management is better than their failed rs^cube motogp machine. it’ll make it’s debut late this season in wsbk and be ready for the street in ’09. homologation rulz!!!
click here to watch the video! 

2 Responses to aprilia reveal next gen superbike

  1. […] we should probably see the release at the paris motorcycle show in late sept along with the aprilia rsv 4.  […]

  2. […] motogp rider alex hoffman will be back on a bike in ‘09 riding aprilia’s rsv-4. he’s currently testing the new bike in spain getting it in shape for its debut at one of the […]

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