be1 racing ready for battle

earlier this week in qatar, triumph be1 racing fired a warning shot across the wss paddock’s bow. they took part in a preseason test just 10 days before the start of the 2008 season to work on bike setup and tire testing. one would think the 675 would behind in development but it looks like it’ll be competitive right from the get go.
rookie rider, mark aitchison, posted the fastest time of 2’03.1 ahead of some notable riders like fujiwara, walker, and notably his teammate, ivan clementi (1+ sec back). respect!!! [/ali_g]
mark aitchison
[translated/google]“Although the work has been to prepare for the race, I managed to pull an excellent time which I repeated on several occasions. I’m really satisfied with the team and the team are working very good and I hope to continue on this path. I have reached a good basic set up that gives me confidence prior to my debut.”


ivan clementi
[translated/google]“We worked very hard to get useful data to understand the reactions of the bike on this track, the right relationship and the wear on tires. This data will help us tackle the race. Unfortunately at the end day when I had the track to myself to put some fast laps in, I encountered a technical problem that forced me into the pits.”

note: i’m unsure if all the teams were here for this test as the press release only contained 4 positions.


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