can u spot the differences???

2008 yamaha yzr-m1

2007 yamaha yzr-m1

over the weekend, yamaha unveiled the 2008-spec yzr-m1 that they’ll campaign this year in motogp at press event in turin, italy, the hometown of title sponsor fiat. furthermore, it was the official debut of valentino rossi’s teammate 250cc champ jorge lorenzo.

no information was given to the changes to the new bike but as u can see in the above photos there are subtle aerodynamic differences. the 2008 bike appears to be sleeker than the previous iteration. the front fairing has a smoother and more rounded shape along with a slightly taller windscreen. the angle may also be a little steeper. the rear fairing has been dramatically reshaped. there is more curve to the underside making it look like the backside of a hornet. these aero updates should help increase top speeds. no mention of any changes to the engine but then again i don’t expect yamaha to reveal those details. but it is interesting that the exhaust is exposed this year. i can’t figure out why – cooling?

we’ll see if yamaha has stepped up their game when motogp resumes testing in sepang, malaysia this week.

One Response to can u spot the differences???

  1. Rizwan says:

    YAMAHA R15 is based on R1 where R125 is based on R6.This is basic difference. I think

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