outlaw showdown: 848 v 750 v 675 v 600

cue the western music.

the feb issue of superbike (uk) pits several outlaw bikes against each other on the track and street. they took ducati’s all-new 848, suzuki’s revamp’ed gsx-r750, a triumph daytona 675, and honda cbr600rr to hit some spanish twisties. i haven’t gotten a chance to read the full article but here’s a preview:

“We’ve been analysing the datalogging results from our Ducati 848 vs Suzuki GSX-R750 vs Honda CBR600RR vs Triumph 675 test last week in Almeria. And we’ve found some pretty interesting results. Here are the fastest apex speeds from each of Almeria’s 13 turns, by bike:

Turn speed(kph) bike

One 91.9 GSX-R750
Two 128.8 675
Three 100.6 GSX-R750/675 (joint)
Four 107.6 675
Five 129.2 CBR600RR
Six 109.2 675
Seven 94.9 GSX-R750
Eight 104.9 848
Nine 98.6 848
Ten 93.7 GSX-R750
Eleven 77.4 848
Twelve 94.3 CBR600RR
Thirteen 65.2 675

So – the 675 had the most top corner speeds, at five (including a joint one with the 750). Suzuki’s ‘old’ GSX-R750 still manages four top corner speeds, Ducati’s 848 manages three, and the Honda gets two.

Does that mean the 675 was the fastest bike at Almeria? You’d think so wouldn’t you? But it wasn’t the case… The 848 lagged a bit behind our expectations to be honest…”

so the 675 didn’t come in first but it didn’t come in last. here’s my guess to the outcome of this test:

1. gsx-r750
2. daytona 675
3. 848
4. cbr600rr

with 3/4 maybe switched. 

the suzuki has a power advantage over the 675 that is esp useful down the 900m front straight. however, according to last year’s performance bikes (uk) endurance test the 675 lapped almeria close to a second a lap faster than the 750 (before an engine meltdown). also, remember that the triumph hasn’t been changed since it’s debut in 2006 (a 2009 update is rumored). anyway, the biggest disappointment is the 848. ducati will not be happy with this result [/understatement]. 

more to come…


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