first off, this is one of the sickest photos i’ve ever seen!!!
not sure when or where it was taken but it was probably during his brief stint in world superbike aboard a yamaha r1. considered one of japan’s finest riders, he passed away in a motorcycle accident this past october…
norick demonstrates how u want to be exiting a corner. he keeps his weight on the inside rearset while standing the bike up. this fades the bike to outer apron and allows him to apply the throttle earlier to get good drive out of the corner. he also has his upper body forward and behind the fairing which keeps the nose down and aerodynamic.

note the tire bending at the contact patch as it clings to the tarmac. simply amazing…


One Response to TECHNIQUE TUTORING: norifumi abe

  1. Richard says:

    Are his feet in the right spot on the pegs? Aren’t you supposed to be on the balls of your foot? The pic is RETARDED SWEET MAN!

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