rossi hearts bridgestone is reporting that rossi likey his new shoes. 

valentino rossi had a tough 2007 season with michelin. the 7-time world champ struggled throughout the year on tires that couldn’t go the distance. halfway through the race and u’d see him spinning the rear donut up leaving strips of french caoutchouc (not to be confused w/ “capote”, look it up) on the tarmac.

’08 will be a little different. make that a lot different. ever since rossi’s promotion to the premier class of motorcycle racing, he’s only ridden on michelins. for next season, he’ll be on japanese kit. in fact, it seemed like the whole paddock wanted to ditch michelin for bridgestone…

at first, i thought it was an easy excuse for a rotten year. but after pondering about this topic for a couple months, i believe that “the doctor” has a valid reason for the switch. his prescription for bridgestone rubber puts him on equal footing w/ his main rival for ’08 and current world champ, casey stoner.

read the full story here

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  1. Richard says:

    Tires are HUGE!

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