675 – my favoritest number evar ^_^

for those who know me, u’ll get this and tell me to stfu :wink: (where are those damn emoticons when u need them?)

the 675 is hands down the best bike. yeah, i said it.

but don’t believe it because of me. believe it because 18 journalists from bike magazines around the world agreed that it is. not once but twice. two years in a row, the 675 has won the supersport class of masterbike beating out all the japanese riceburners.

oh yeah, it also won supertest for the second time :twisted: (cursed emoticons)

2 Responses to 675 – my favoritest number evar ^_^

  1. Richard says:

    All that means is that Triumph had a larger marketing budget and paid the Journalists off! They had to do something to sell some sport bikes ;)

  2. Richard says:

    Why does everyone have a fascination with conclusions about what is BEST? Not you per say Pete but people in general. In the words of Cuong Nguyen “The bikes are all so closely matched it doesn’t even matter”

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